Lenovo Laptop Screen Black, Causes and Solutions

Lenovo laptop screen black is a common problem. There are so many reasons to cause Lenovo laptop black screen. For example, GPU loose connection damaged port or cable etc. Also, a faulty display can be a cause of the black screen issue. As well as hardware faulty, black screen problem can occur for the software of your Lenovo laptop, like corrupted software, virus or malware.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Black

Lenovo laptop screen black issues and solutions

Don’t worry if your Lenovo laptop screen black when switched on. Also, it is a common problem for HP laptop screen, Dell laptop screen etc. However, here is some common issues and solutions.

Booting error of windows

Most of the cases of the black screen are happens for the windows booting errors. But, do you know why you are facing a booting error? The error can face for a lot of reasons. Here is a detail explanation of probable reasons,

  1. Missing Operating System: This is related to storage of your laptop. You can install windows on the hard drive or from a bootable pen drive or other flash drives. Your Lenovo laptop is unable to find windows file means, missing windows files and bootable pen drive or flash drive has been removed.
  2. An invalid disk of the system: If your default boot device has bugs, you can get booting errors. So, don’t boot up your laptop using default boot device. Default booting device is set by default. So, change it and try to use alternative methods.
  3. Problems with hardware: Like missing operating system and invalid disk of system hardware problem can be the cause of laptop screen black Lenovo issue. There is a great chance to not work your Lenovo laptop hard drive for damaged internal cable. Also, the laptop might have a power distribution problem.

Faulty laptop battery

You should check the laptop battery. Unplug the laptop charger from the power source. If you can’t see the screen, it is the laptop battery problem. Because you will never start the laptop with a dead or not working battery. Replace the battery to solve the black screen issue.

Faulty laptop display

Try to find out, the black screen issue is caused by laptop display. Plug in an external monitor to your Lenovo laptop to test laptop display. If the laptop screen is ok, then, the black screen issue is the result of your damaged laptop display.

Display problem can happen for various reasons. For example, a broken display. Damaged and faulty hardware of the laptop is a common problem.

If your laptop’s SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) or power supply network has any fault, it might be responsible for the black screen problem. Because laptop display is powered by SMPS.

If you have two problems above, fix them to get back your laptop display again or contact with Lenovo support.

Lenovo laptop screen black is not a major issue. It happens with almost all the laptop brands. Read the above article carefully and try to find out what happened with your laptop exactly and fix them.