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How to revive an old laptop battery?

If your laptops all functionality is working fine but battery is dead, you don’t need to buy new battery, because laptop battery is expensive. You can revive it. There are several ways. The techniques are interesting. Today, I have come up so many techniques to revive an old laptop battery.

Method 1 – Freezing:  Many people says, freezing is very effective method for laptop battery. Take your laptop battery and stuck it in snow. That will help the battery to last longer. There is another way:

Step 1: Take the battery out from your laptop and place the battery in a plastic bag.

Step 2: Keep the bag into freezer and leave the bag in freezer for 12 hours. There is a debate that, longer is good for battery. But I suggest, don’t keep the battery in the freeze more than 24 hours.

Step 3: After 12 – 24 hours take out the laptop battery from freeze and remove the plastic bag from the battery. Then, warm up the battery. You should warm up the battery until reaches in room temperature. Don’t forget to wrap it with cloth or towel.

Step 4: Insert the battery into the laptop again and fully charge the battery.

Step 5: After charging completed unplug the laptop power, then drain the battery.

Completely charge the battery and discharge. Repeat the step 4-5 times. This process will help to increase your laptop battery life.

Method 2 – Cool the laptop: Does your laptop gest very hot when use it? More heat is harmful for battery and it decrease the laptop battery life. If you using lithium ion based battery, just cool down your laptop which may increase the laptop battery life. You can buy a laptop cooling pad that will helps to last long battery.

Method 3 – discharge fully charged battery: Fully charge your laptop battery and unplug it Keep your laptop running. Leave the laptop running. When, the laptop is almost dying like shows the charge remaining 5%, plug the laptop again and charge up it. As this way gives you many charge and discharge cycle, it gives your laptop best battery life.

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