Avast Antivirus Review

Avast is one of the most popular free antiviruses. It has almost 435 million active users per month all over the world. Offers you many advanced features with free of cost. For example, browser protection, internet security scanner, password manager and many more. Web filtering feature access for dangerous links. When thread found, real-time detection picks them up. Also, the antivirus supports different platform such as Android, Windows, and Mac etc.

avast antivirus review

Avast Antivirus Review

Privacy and security: Avast is safe and secure free antivirus. It offers SafeZone secure browser which works to keep your wallet secure by blocking suspicious sites. The privacy policy of avast notes, while you search something in the secure browser, your search query will transmit or redirect to third-party sites or search providers.

The password manager supports Avast SafeZone browse, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. it locally stores a huge number of credentials.

The wi-fi inspector of avast free antivirus scans local network flows like outdated firmware, weak password, wrong settings etc.

Avast has not very high protection but if you don’t want to spend money and want to get a good protection, then you can go for Avast. It is the best free antivirus software for the protection.

Easy to use: Avast antivirus comes with four-part of protection. There are Mail shield, File shield, Web shield, and Behavior shield. You don’t need to use all of them. Avast let you use which one you want to use, whereas other ordinary antivirus keeps warning to turn on the other feature. But, in avast, you just need to ignore those warnings, if you really don’t want to enable them again.

Installations: Avast installation process is very easy and took only 7 minutes for installation. You have to choose the language from 48. If you want you can set SafeZone browser as your default web browser.

Avast is a powerful antivirus with all-around protection. This free antivirus offers the users more features than many another premium antivirus. Provides a pack of security. But, if you want to get a bonus feature, you need to purchase them. Although you don’t need them at all.