Welcome you all to the DMCA page of technologytopic.com  in here I am going to misuse all about our rights of posted content according to the US Copyright Fair Use Act and DMCA. All the content including images, audio, and video posted on the site is either submitted to the blog via email or directly. So, I believe all these contents are posted according to our rules, regulation, and DMCA in public domains.

What is DMCA?

The full meaning of DMCA is Digital Millennium Copyright Act. My website is compliance with DMCA. So, it is technologytopic.com policy to quick response any infringement notice that violates ant policy of this act. According to the complaint, I take proper action under this law and other applicable internet or intellectual property laws.

Notification of Copyright Infringement:

If you found any of your copyrighted content, the material in my site or links that lead visitors to your copyrighted content without your knowledge and permission, you can submit a complaint to my site. I will investigate the fact and take proper steps to remove the mess. You just need to submit a written complaint with detail information and how you want to sort out this.

Please be aware of the fact if you misrepresent or violate any of law content. So, you will be liable to accept any action taken by technologytopic.com. It is including the damage cost and attorney fees. I will suggest you take legal advice from an attorney before submitting any complaint or taking steps for penalty actions.

What should contain in your copyright infringement claim

Your copyright infringement claim should contain with these following facts. Such as,

  • Provide proper evidence of the authorized site or the person who have legal rights to the violated content.
  • Includes valid contact information so I can contact you when needed. It’s better to submit both email and contact number so I can reach you anytime.
  • You must supply your identified result of the particular infringed copyrighted work. It has to include at least one search result. It shows appearances of the content in the search result of technologytopic.com.
  • A statement that shows the complaining party has faith and evidence the published content on the site is not authorized by its owner, or agent or not even the law.
  • A statement that shows all the information of the complaint is genuine and come under penalty of perjury. The authorized or the complaining party has full right on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right which apparently infringed.
  • The complaint cop must have signed by the authorized person to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right which is ostensibly being trespassed.
    Send the infringement notice to contact us.

Finally, please send me the infringement notice through my “contact us” page all let me investigate the matter. It takes me one or two weeks to the response by completing the total investigation. Note that, if your complaint is submitted to other parties will not expedite the request such as my Internet Service Provider. It may result in a delayed response and action not properly being filed technologytopic.com. Thanks.