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How to keep HP laptop safe?

You should maintain some things to keep yourself secure. Safety depends on how you are using your laptop and the internet. If you use the internet almost all the time with your laptop, it is difficult to keep your laptop safe. But there are so many ways which will help you to keep your laptop safe and secure from any harm and danger.

The ways to keep HP laptop safe

It is hard to keep your laptop secure if you use the internet all the time. Use recent HP model and run Windows 10 upgraded version with non-accessible HDD.

  • Use a good anti-virus software and always keep running the software.
  • Avoid doing the financial transaction using your laptop.
  • You should always avoid connecting shared and foreign router for access.
  • Browse the website that is safe for you and don’t visit the website that you cannot trust.
  • Download and install a software that scan and clean up your web browser caches, history, cookies, and remove junk files.

Ways of financial transaction

  • Download a Linus copy and then download ISO.
  • Get a USB key, then install Linus that you have downloaded onto the USB key.

How to buy safely

  • Plug USB key
  • Boot the HP laptop from the key
  • Then, select Try Ubuntu option
  • Ubuntu will be loaded into you’re your HP laptop memory.
  • Now you are ready for banking and purchasing.

Additional tips to keep yourself secure

  • Keep a backup of your important files, data, documents, projects, and video on other device or external hard disk. This will protect you from losing data from your laptop in any unwanted occurrence like coffee spills, fire, hard disk crash, and theft.
  • Keep your laptop windows updated, Windows 10 updated version is recommended for your safety.
  • Always stay away from the dangerous website. Never browse suspicious links or website.
  • Try to use Windows 10 in your laptop, because it has an anti-virus protection.
  • Avoid suspicious provenance file and never open them.

Follow all the tips above and keep your laptop safe.  Also, you can do more like you can use VPN to stay more safe. But, you should do not use a VPN before you have enough knowledge about internet and computer. After gaining proper and advance knowledge you can use VPN.

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