PC Turns ON but No Display or Beeps

PC turns on but no display or beeps? Did you try to drain your computer power? If you have not done it yet, you should do it first. So, unplug the charger or power cable. Then, remove all external devices like USB mouse, keyboard, etc. Press and hold the computer power button for at least 20 seconds. Turn on the PC again.

If it does not fix the problem read the article and follow the instructions.

PC Turns ON but No Display or Beeps

Why PC turns on but no display or beeps

Computer powers on but no display and no beep indication for many reasons. Such as –

  • RAM issue: RAM model can be responsible for this issue. Because some RAM chips take more voltage than the default voltage of MOBO.
  • Motherboard: It might be a motherboard problem, replacing the motherboard can fix it.
  • PSU: If you replace a new PSU with the existing one can solve the issue.

How to fix no display, no beep on startup

If you don’t get the display or no beep sound when the computer starts, do the step shown below –

Step 1: Remove all RAM, CD/DVD drive, and all external devices from the computer. Turn on the computer using hard drive power.

Step 2: Do you hear beep sound now? If yes, it may be the RAM. (Check the manual or motherboard to see DIMM 0 (first slot), the serial goes like DIMM0A, DIMM1A, DIMM0B, DIMM1B, etc). Put, 1 stick in DIMM 0.

Anything happened? If no change, try the next stick. No luck? It may be your motherboard or CPU problem. Because it is abnormal to die more than one RAM stick at the same time.

Step 3: Now, you should try to clear CMOS and try to boot your computer.

  • Open the computer case.
  • Use a small and flat head screwdriver to remove CMOS battery.
  • Press and hold the power button a few times for at least 20 seconds to release residual electricity in the system.
  • Insert the battery again.

Now, you should try to boot, and don’t forget to reset the time and date in the BIOS.

No Beep on Startup – FAQ

What does one beep mean when I turn on my computer?

One short beep when turn on the computer means that it has completed its Power-On Self-Test (POST). Also, there is no error found and the system will load normally.

Do all computers beep on startup?

Yes. The beep sound on startup is called Power On Self Test.

What do computer beeps mean?

Actually you can know the status of the software and hardware system of the computer thought beep sound. When computer boots, it makes beeps.

If a single beep, it is a good sign. Because it means that the system functionalities of the computer are normal. Otherwise, the computer beeps, when then the system finds any error.

Try the guide we have shared above. If you have any query on PC turns on but no display or beeps issue let us know or if you have solved the problem using another method you can share with us how you did it.