HP Desktop Beeps 5 Times Red Light

HP desktop beeps 5 times red light? Definitely it is a RAM issue. So, remove the memory and reseat it again properly. Because, sometimes we think it is fine, installed in the right place, and working fine. But, actually, it is not.

HP Desktop Beeps 5 Times Red Light

HP desktop beeps 5 times red light

Today we are here to find the reasons and provide the solution according to the problem. So, just follow the article.

The RAM Module

Did you insert the RAM module? Usually, the computer beeps error code 5 times and blinks power light 5 times when the RAM module is not inserted. After reinserting the module still light blinks or beeps code, replace the existing module with a compatible replacement module.

If using different RAM cannot resolve the issue, maybe the memory circuit (i.e. RAM socket) is faulty or damaged. Also, the motherboard memory controller is a possible reason for this problem.

Even, a bad module of RAM, wrong placement of memory (If place in the wrong slot) can be responsible.

Overloaded Power Supply

May be your power supply is overloaded that’s why happening the problem.

  • Disconnect all the external devices connected to your PC to see any of them is the reason for the problem.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • If the computer POST, turn it off and reconnect one device at a time.
  • Repeat the process until finding the faulty device.

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Your HP desktop beeps 5 times red light when the system cannot read the RAM. Beep code indicates a serious issue that prevents the PC from booting. If you cannot fix it yet, contact with HP support.