How to Reset Dell Laptop to Factory Settings

How to reset dell laptop: Do you want to reset dell laptop? If your laptop has a lot of problems such as black screen, hanging, slow etc issues, resetting the laptop is the right decision. Because sometimes reset the factory can be a quick and effective solution for the laptop issues. In this article, I will share you the methods to reset your laptop.

How to reset dell laptop

Windows setting method

  • Keep important data backup: You can use an optical drive, USB drive, and external hard disk to keep a backup of your important data, files, audios, videos, music, and other documents. Also, you can keep the backup on the online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
  • Start the process: Go to the bottom left corner of your Dell laptop. You can see a windows icon in the taskbar. Click on that Start.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

Then, click on the Settings of the start menu.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

  • Update and security: You can see Update & Security with two revolving arrows at the last option. Click on that option.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

  • Recovery: Click on the Recovery option on the left side menu. Then, click on the Get Started button from the top of the right side.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

  • Remove everything: Click on the Remove everything button to reset dell laptop. If you want to keep any files just click on Keep my files, Windows will reinstall without deleting that file.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

(Although, it is not recommended way of reset dell laptop). After a while, the resetting process will begin. It takes a while to complete the entire process and the laptop will restart several times.

Advanced Startup method

  • Keep important data backup: Keep a backup of your important documents using the above method to keep them safe and secure.
  • Switch on the laptop: Shut down the laptop, if it is currently on. Then, power on the laptop again. If the laptop is currently shut down, just on its power.
  • Press F11 continuously: To get advance startup option, immediately continuously press F11 button before appearing Dell logo. If you fail to get an advanced startup mode, restart the computer and try again. Sometimes it may take several times to get advance startup mode.
  • Advanced Options: While you will able to startup your dell laptop in advanced startup mode, click on the Advanced Option of the Automatic Repair. Then, click on the Troubleshoot => Reset This PC.
  • Choose an option: There are two options on this step. Keep my files – It will install the windows without removing the certain file. Remove everything – It will remove all files while reinstalling new windows. Choose an option which you want.
  • Fully Clean the Drive: If you choose the second option, click on Fully Clean the Drive. This will remove all data and file on the Dell laptop and install windows again.
  • Reset: Then, click on Dell laptop reset process will start within few seconds. The laptop may restart several times while running the process. Also, it takes a while to completely resetting the laptop.

Follow the above guide on how to reset Dell laptop, to successfully reset your Dell laptop. But, don’t forget to keep back up your important files before start the resetting process.  Because resetting will remove the data from your Dell laptop.

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