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How do I fix my HP laptop when the screen goes black?

HP laptop black screen problem might occur for both hardware and software errors such as laptop display error, power supply issues, defective connection etc. Even, overheating also can be responsible for the laptop black screen issues. I have come with some solutions according to problems. So, try to find out what is the problem with your laptop exactly and follow the method I have shown below to fix your problem.

How do I fix my HP laptop when the screen goes black

The solution of software problem: Sometimes a very simple software error might be the cause of the black screen problem. Most of the time it happens when any program like media players, PC games etc takes the entire screen. But, sometimes it’s very difficult to solve the problem, especially when, the bug of the software lies.

  • You should try to run the software “run as an administration”.
  • Run the program in a different variation of resolution.
  • Uninstall the software and again install it.
  • If still remains the problem, enable compatibility mode of your windows.

The solution of laptop display problem: Did you upgraded your laptop monitor recently? If yes, please the connection of your laptop monitor, because all HDMI and DVI versions are not able to resolutions more than 1080p.

The solution of the overheating problem: When use laptop, almost all the laptop generates heat. That heat should remove to keep the system properly working and running. Because overheating is very harmful to the laptop. The components of the laptop can burn in too much heat. Even, they might melt also.

Most of the time the processor or video card is responsible for the overheating. Don’t worry, you can solve both of them.

  • Open your laptop.
  • Clean the cobwebs.
  • To remove dust you should use a vacuum.
  • For dislodge stubborn dirt use a compressed air can.
  • Check your laptop fans and make sure that they are working properly, if not work, replace it with a good one.

The solution of power supply problem: It is one of the most important parts of the computer because without power you can’t run the computer. Your computer screen will go black if the power cuts out. If you have recently upgraded your power supply, make sure that the problem is with your power supply or not. Because all supplies have a certain amount of limit to supply power. If you run a power-hungry program, then the problem might occur. If you did not do that, you should replace the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to solve the problem.

If still, you are unable to fix your problem, read this detailed guideline on – HP laptop screen goes black but still running problem. Hope that will help you to solve the issue.

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