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Apps list to access android phone from pc remotely

Generally, the android phone is used to make calls, send and receive email and message, set up daily tasks, manage banking transaction, set alarm etc. But, sometimes you need to access in many situations such as you have forgotten to bring the phone from home to office, your phone is not easy to access, or your phone is outside of the room. Even, sometimes need a large screen to do specific work. It is easy to control the android phone to PC nowadays.

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Top 3 apps to access the android phone from PC

1.      Vysor (Chrome Addon)

Vysor is a chrome extension. You can use this extension to access and use android phone remotely using a computer. The installation of this add-on is very easy. Just need a few minutes. Go to developer option of your android phone and enable USB debugging. Download your windows driver and install it. Then, launch the driver and connect with the android phone. But, don’t forget to use the USB cable. The USB cable must need for work Vysor.

You can do some basic task such as control phone, mirror, and take screenshot etc using Vysor free plan. If you want to get more facilities and advanced features you have to pay first. Fortunately, their paid plan cost is very cheap. You will need only $10 for one year. You will get some advanced features like full screen, wireless function, and drag and drop features by paying the plan.

2.      DeskDock

If you like to use a keyboard and mouse then you can use DeskDock. You can use your android device from the computer just using a USB cable. The app works on almost all the platform like Windows, Linux mac etc. This app allows you to connect multiple devices in a single PC.

3.      AirDroid

AirDroid is pretty similar to DeskDock. It let you transfer photos, see notifications. Also, allows using clipboard, mouse, and keyboard. The using process is not complex like DeskDock. You can use a remote Android device from your computer simply using AirDroid. The app works similar to WhatsApp web version. You can install the app from google play store. You will see three option while running the app. Then choose the AirDroid Web version. Run the app in your browser. Scan QR code with the Android device. You can see the Android screen in your browser.

There are so many ways to access the Android phone from the computer remotely. For example, web-based, browser-based, desktop client based etc. So, you can choose one of them which you want.

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